A lil more background …

OK so I know that first post was a long one. Sorry about that, promise I will work on shorter posts. That being said …

I wanted to give you all a little more background.

We lived with my parents for a while – they are amazing for all the help they have given us. While we were there we tried a garden, which my husband took care of because you know … bugs and sun.  I used ‘we’ in that sentence in the very loose sense of the term. My husband and son took a lot of time and care to make that garden. I think that was my favorite part watching to the two of them bonding over this project they did together.


I learned  a lot with that garden. For instance, it takes a TON of pea pods to have enough peas for a family of 5, not nearly enough out come for the space and effort needed. Basil plants get really big, so we didn’t need as many as we thought. Sweet peppers need full sun to get bright red. The other important thing I learned is tomatoes grown at home have the most amazing taste ever.

While we were with my parents I did start canning, not something I ever thought I would do. I started with pie fillings and jams. I have also made apple sauce and apple butter. I love to see the pretty filled jars lining a shelf. I still have not mastered strawberry anything, it just doesn’t stay a very pretty red color for long. Red raspberry, apple, blueberry, and peach those are fruits I have come to love in jars! But I am just beginning and fruit jams and pie filling is where I stopped.

We eventually moved out of my parents and into an apartment, which meant no backyard, grass, or garden. Then after almost two years of apartment living we bought our own house!!!


We currently still live in the city I grew up in. But I have found myself dreaming of living in the country, some day.

Now that we are home owners my sweet husband hung a porch swing, on our back covered patio so I could sit outside in the warmer weather and enjoy my coffee in the peace and quiet.  (I always wanted one, like I said he is a sweet husband.) While sitting in that swing I would stare out into our yard and think about the day and our boys, which of course would lead to, ‘oh I need to go to the store to get veggies for lunch, dinner, or whatever’. Which sparked the idea of gardens, here at our house and I (gulp) would help to take care of them.

Yet another sign of change?

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