Home Cooking

I don’t know what happened from when I was a kid to now. People don’t seem to be as concerned with having family dinners. I was going through my recipes the other weekend. I found hand written ones from my paternal grandmother, paternal aunt, maternal grandmother, and my mom. I feel like I am better just for having them. How wonderful are these?


That being said, I have a new hope for myself and my family. I am going to start to make as much food from scratch as often as possible. That is not to say we don’t order pizza every Friday night or that I don’t have boxes of pop tarts and cereal in my garage. I just am trying to get back to home cooked food and sitting as a family at the table, the way it is meant to be. So help me out, what are some of your family favorites?

To go along with my new hope and plan, I have started to go through the recipes, my cooking utensils, and pots and pans.  Hubby got me some pans a-while ago and they have quickly become my new-found loves when cooking, CAST IRON.


Seriously this stuff is amazing. It is heavy as all get out but food just tastes better. BACON in cast iron is the best thing I have ever had. I liked bacon before but now’s it’s like I had never had bacon before. I know that seems a little dramatic, but if you have never had tried it you just can’t understand. Or if you have always had bacon this way be thankful you never had it any other way.

My two skillets are Lodge brand. The Lodge Website is the perfect place to shop and browse the possibilities. I am looking forward to when I can add to my collection of cast iron. I have pre-seasoned cast iron. Again see the title of this blog, I’m still a city girl for the most part and the idea of trying to season my own cast iron SCARED me.

*** SERIOUSLY, if you have never had bacon cooked slowly on the stove top in a cast iron pan, I suggest you try it!***

(I am not paid by the Lodge Company to advertise. The products I write about are the products I use and my personal opinions)

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