New Year … Is it time to garden yet?

With the new year I have started to look forward to spring and the new life of a fresh garden. But as I said before I want more squash and zucchini plants. Guess what that means, yep more sweat, labor, lumber, and compost. Lots and Lots of compost. Thankfully our beautiful little city has free compost for city residence. On a very unseasonably warm February weekend our little family of four headed off to the compost site to get our first load. This was new to me I had never gone with my husband he had done it all himself. I owe him a huge THANK YOU for all the hard work he put into it before. We spent an hour filling our large trash cans and any other vessel we brought with us. He figured that one out last year. It was much easier than filling the trailer and then wheel barrow after wheel barrow. Over the course of the weekend we shoveled, hauled, stomped, raked and dumped over 1,100 gallons of compost.


I of course wore gloves because I am not all that country yet. Our newest edition to our garden is long and beautiful and now ready for squash and zucchini.


My handy handsome husband spent this last unseasonable warm weekend creating arches for the garden so we can cover them with plastic to help the compost warm up and be ready for plants as soon as possible. Like I said I am excited and he is good about doing what he can to make me happy. Plus he doesn’t do well sitting still for very long.

Our first garden to be covered is the E shaped one. The short extensions are covered and already having a nice greenhouse effect. The long side is not covered yet. We ran out of staples to attach the plastic. We also need to remove some of wood shaving we covered the asparagus with and replace it with compost so we don’t burn our plants.


We had the littlest hands getting dirty this weekend helping get the tomato seeds into pots to start our plants. We have in the past just bought plants at the store in regards to tomato, basil, and peppers. This year we are going to try our hardest to use all heirloom seeds and start everything at home. So I currently have lost part of my counter to greenhouse containers. Please send good thoughts that this semi city semi country girl gets the seeds to start and it works out well for our garden.

We have our other seeds on order and I can’t wait for them to come in. The pepper seeds need to be started soon as well. I hope they get here quickly. This is going to be an interesting year. I am trying more and I hope for a great result. This year we are going to do tomatoes, beans, peppers, corn, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, asparagus, strawberries, watermelon, and honeydew.

Now back to those pumpkins. I am not going to plant seeds this year. I want my other fruit to have a chance. We did however gut our pumpkins outside. We dug a trench a put the guts in there. If they make it and produce great and if not, oh well. Depending on how it goes however it just might become a challenge. I might have to knock on the doors of the houses that I saw had success with pumpkins last year. That would be interesting. We shall see.

I will keep you updated as my city life gets a little more country.

2 thoughts on “New Year … Is it time to garden yet?

  1. Good luck with your gardening adventure. You are a lucky woman to have a hubby with a strong back and two sets of little hands to help you. 🙂 If you need to keep your indoor seeds warm and contain the light (if you are using lights), a $4 silver emergency blanket bought at your favorite box store will act as a blanket to contain heat and light. 🙂


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