Well, Hello!

I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife and friend. I am also a self-professed city girl. Well, not really. I was born and raised in a small city, which as a teenager I couldn’t wait to get out of. My graduating class was 300+ people, so small is a relative term.

How city was I you ask. As child I went to a babysitter who lived on the edge of a dirt road. She would take us for walks in the red wagon down that dirt road and we would pick wild flowers. I would blow bubbles in the back yard and play house with a push powered vacuum. I loved her house. She made this amazing cinnamon brown sugar applesauce fresh while we were there. That is really as country as I got.

At some point I realized bugs were gross! As I got older I became uncomfortable about catching lightning bugs, because it would crawl on me. I HATE spiders, always have. The sun and I became enemies as I got older, I can be outside on a very cloudy day and come inside a lobster after maybe an hour even with sunscreen on. Which is where the self-professed city girl title comes in. I don’t like critters, or bugs, or SPIDERS, dirt is not a favorite thing of mine either, yep I’m a city girl.

So fast forward a couple of years. I am 21 years old single and about to have a very sweet baby boy. I realized that life as I knew it was going to change, for the better. I still didn’t like bugs and dirt is something that I knew I would be washing out of clothes but that is as it should be. Spiders are still horrible (just so you know).

When my little darling was 9 months old I started massage school. Unbeknownst to me I also had just met the newest love of my life. The man who stole my heart was in my class. We started out as friends. The he did ask me out, to get this … go mudding. Insert the dumb founded face you all know I had. What in the heck is mudding?!? Well I figured that out and, Ummmm, NO Thank You! I turned him down. Not only because the idea scared me but also because we are in the same small class of massage students who would be together for two years. If it didn’t work out it would be a very uncomfortable two years.

Due to his job he ended up dropping back a class. He waited for me for a year and a half. He finally got me to say yes, to Mudding. Again the dumb founded look. Yes, I know.  It was as bad as I thought it would be not to mention he also scared the crap out of me. He drove up a very high hill. Then guess what, he drove me off a cliff! What the heck. He also ran the wagoner into a freaking tree and then got it stuck in the ruts. As we sat there waiting for his friends to come find us. I realized there was something about him. He made me laugh, he made me smile, he made me feel young and special.

Now if you hadn’t guessed this very sweet guy, was a country boy. I know, shock. He knew what manners were and he knew how to treat a lady. He opened doors. Paid for our dates while taking me to places he knew I would like. He was an all-around sweet, funny, kind, caring wonderful guy.

Then comes Labor day weekend. He is from Fulton County. The week of labor day is the fair week. Guess where he wanted this city girl to go…yes that is right to the fair. He told me wear comfortable clothes. My head said “It’s a date I have to look cute.” I did wear capris but my shoes were cute not practical! Of course I had blisters on my feet after walking around the fairgrounds just once. Luckily for me his parents have a camping spot there and we were able to go get band aids for my heels. I am going to let you in on a little secret…I got stuck in their camper. I had never been in a camper before and I didn’t know how to open the screen door. You had to slide a solid plastic piece to the left to expose the outside door handle to open the door. I did figure it out … it just took me a minute or two. My amazing parents were watching my sweet boy while I went to the fair. My mom of course know me really well and I can remember my mom joking and saying “well this will make or break the relationship” as I walked out the door. (spoiler alert … it made it!)

Suffice it to say that man is the reason this city girl is slowly changing into a country girl! I only went mudding twice, that first time, then again when my son wanted to go for a ride. Of course the ride he took my son on was a very different experience much smoother and safer. However, that ride had a whole lot more mud flying everywhere. Most of our dates were city girl friendly. We dating for some time and got to know each other and each others families. My family loves this guy. They go to him for everything and anything that needs to be fixed. He is a handyman after all. I fell more in love with him in seeing him with my son. He was always so kind and caring and understanding. He loves that boy as if he were his own flesh and blood.

We are now married with two amazing boys and a sweet pup. I have been to the Fulton County Fair every single year since we started dating. The crazy part just about January I start to really look forward to the warmer weather because that means the fair time is getting closer. We are normally there Friday through Monday. However, to be honest if his parents didn’t have the camper on grounds I don’t think I would be able to be there that much. I need to get away from all the crowds. We have done the tractors pulls which our oldest LOVES! Me not so much so I normally head home and the boys stay. Watched the 4H-ers show their animals. Another confession – I had no idea there was such a thing as 4H. We walk through all the buildings featuring the entries for judgement and vendors with goods for sale. Our oldest has gotten new boots every year … because he grows so fast and he normally wears them out. The Fulton County Fair is now a tradition that I LOVE, and cannot imagine it not being part of my life. I guess that is the first sign of change, maybe?

2 thoughts on “Well, Hello!

  1. Couldn’t comment when I first read this, and finally got back to be able to.. But! Oh those Fulton County Fairs! I know we couldn’t ask for a better couple to hang out with.. Even if, as hard as we try and tell ourselves to change it, that’s the only time all year we end up getting together.


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