Lil green babies?

So our seeds have been growing and growing. We have had to switch starter pots already for the tomatoes. We started our seeds in the peat pots, not gonna do that again. One gross word … MOLD. Oh wait one more gross word … fungus (mushrooms).


Its funny the packets tell you to plant 2-3 seeds in each pot. Then you are supposed to thin the seedlings. After all the care we took to get them to where they were I didn’t want to thin out – aka kill the tiny plants. So we transplanted each one individually to a bigger container.


Its funny the little tiny plants start to become a high priority. They become “babies”. I check on them through the day to make sure it doesn’t need more water and that the lights are a good height. I check them each night before bed and each morning. It is kind of crazy. Maybe once the process becomes more natural to me I will calm down a tiny bit, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. LOL

Look at how beautiful they have become. We have also started basil, flat leaf parsley, wonder peppers, and strawberries. We are also testing out direct sow verse transplanting of watermelon, honeydew, and zucchini.


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