My amazing farmer friends allowed my little ones and I, plus an amazing lady who helps this mama around the house, to come out to the farm and see baby pigs. Oh My Goodness!!! There were six mamas in there with almost 50 babies between them.


I wish I had taken pictures but truth be told I was cold so I didn’t take my phone out. LOL. The images you will see in this post are borrowed from their Facebook page.

Seeing how my kids reacted to them had to be the best part. Littlest one was scared at first. To be fair those pigs get BIG! But by the end he made some piggy noises. My big guy was asking questions, looking at everything with complete awe, and talking about working there some day.

That is what I love. To see them exploring a world that is so very important and being amazed by it! I know I am.

Tony and Michelle are always so sweet. I pepper them with questions every time I go. I always want to learn as much as I can. This time I learned how much smaller a runt really is. I had no idea. There was a true runt in a litter and it looked like it was about a half week old when all its brothers and sisters are two weeks. It’s amazing.

The let one mama and her babies out of their pen while we were there. Watching the piglets run was so cute. Those piggies can run very very fast.


We also played with their dogs and checked up on the chicken while we were there. I am very lucky these two decided to move back home and farm. I love teaching my sons about farming and how important it is. Heck I love learning as much about it as I can!!

(*** Again these pictures were taken from The Weber Ranch, LLC Facebook page. Thank you Farmers Tony and Michelle for letting us come out and learn! Thanks for allowing me to use your pictures for this post!***)

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