Lil Green Babies … yep I’ve accepted it!

So hubby and I had a wonderful Saturday transplanting almost all of our green Babies. I went to the store and bought some new pots for most of the tomato plants. We moved them up to the bigger pots which allowed other plants to move up to the now vacant 3″ pots. Not gonna lie, I didn’t feel like digging the dirt out from under my nails so I wore gloves this time.


Everything was going great. We had a good mixture of potting soil and seed starting soil. I got it all mixed up with just enough water, I raise my head to look outside and see this …


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Come on Mother Nature, get your stuff together, we are officially in spring. Let it be spring please. So, since I didn’t enjoy the outside view I stuck to my lil green babies.

As you can see the plants really need to be moved to a new pot. That is 17″ tall if you can’t see the measuring tape well. The roots didn’t all look this pretty but most did. I love seeing the how each has changed along the way.

 Here they are all happy in their new pots. Hubby did a little work and made a second greenhouse. I am going to completely lose my garage if mother nature doesn’t get her stuff together. I truly hope that by the time the plants need to be transplanted again they will be ready to go outside.

Side note we did have one lose of a green baby, after it was transplanted something fell and broke the stem clean in half 😦 It was of course one of the largest ones but that is ok, because I currently have way more plants than I am going to need. (Which makes me very excited that this might actually work out!!!!!)

2 thoughts on “Lil Green Babies … yep I’ve accepted it!

  1. Very nice blog, and thanks for sharing and liking our page and blog as well. I have just starated it as you see, and have a lot more coming, with pics, videos, ect. I have lots of ideas but am kinda nervous about it all. Hope your plants continue to do well, and the piglets are adorable!!!


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