My Garden is coming to life!

So we had snow last weekend. We knew it was coming so hubby covered the corner of our garden where the asparagus is planted. We were just starting to see the tips pushing through the mulch.

I opened the cover yesterday since it was staying warm enough in the evening that they wouldn’t die.

I am so surprised. These were transplants to our garden last year from my parents garden. I really didn’t think we would be getting anything until next year.


We also have our day lilies still looking great even after the snow.


Our beautiful tomatoes are looking amazing. Two of them needed to be removed from the greenhouses because they are getting to big. I mean look at them! They are around 31″ tall already!


I’m really looking forward to mothers day weekend so I can plant my beautiful plants. (seriously I never ever thought that would be how I felt, I want to dig in the dirt?!?)

Happy Spring Everyone!

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