Tattler Testing

When I started canning I used the metal one use lids. After I a couple of canning seasons I have gotten used to them. So I decided to change things up. We purchased Tattler Reusable Regular Mouth Lids as well as Tattler Reusable Wide Mouth Lids. I still use the metal lids as well, for easy of gifting the canned goods!

The first couple of times I used them I seemed to always have a jar or two that didn’t seal. so I did more research. The water I had the seals in was A.) not hot enough and B.) I didn’t leave enough head space (over filled jars). Ever since then I haven’t had a problem. To label my jars, I use a label maker.

After starting to check on my canning supplies, I had a thought. I use a label maker for to label my reusable canning lids. But that cost will add up, as it is not reusable. So I started some testing. I labeled 8, there are 4 permanent marker ones and 4 dry erase marker ones. 2 of each kind are currently sitting on my canning shelf for a period of time to test longer term.

Here are the lids with the permanent marker on them. The permanent marker has been on the lids for 2 hours now. I then washed one with hot soapy water.


Ok so it took some serious scrubbing but the permanent marker mostly came off the red lid.


Then I boiled the white lid with the permanent, for that instance where you label first because things look alike. I then scrubbed with hot soapy water. Not as good results. The remnants of the permanent marker wont come off.


The dry erase makers were also tested. I didn’t boil these. The majority of the lettering of course wiped off with my finger. Then the rest all came off with hot soapy water. I didn’t boil, them because the writing would have come off there.


Pros: Permanent marker wont rub off accidentally. Dry erase markers easily come off both white and red lids.

Cons: Permanent markers wont fully come off the white lids even after just two hours. Dry erase markers label could accidentally erase.


4 thoughts on “Tattler Testing

  1. With all the canning I do I’m not sure an investment in these lids would pay off, but it is very tempting. At $1.25 for a pack of 12 lids (regular), I’d have to go through a lot of lids to make the investment worth it. Thank you for sharing though. I checked them out on Amazon and put them on my wish list, so maybe the family will treat me for Christmas.


    1. I do love them. The trouble I have is I don’t always use them because I tend to gift my canned goods and I wouldn’t want them to get lost. So I use half and half. But I love that I can reuse them!


      1. That is definitely a plus. I too gift a lot of mine, but because I’ve been doing it for so many years, most people know to return the jars with lids and bands intact. I don’t reuse the lids, but it was easier to just ask for everything back than try and explain what can be reused and what can’t. Everyone is always too happy to return the jars because they know they’ll be something new waiting for them when they do.


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