At this point I really don’t know if these lil green babies can be called seedlings. Our biggest plants who had to moved out of the greenhouse are not 40″ tall!?! WOW, it so exciting.

We also had to move some others out recently as they have moved from toddler to tween as we like to call it. They kept touching the lights, so we moved them out. They are about a foot smaller than our tweens. Just like kids, the little ones always want to be like the big ones.


So I know it is a little early (but only by a few days) because in our region you don’t plant until mothers day weekend. But I have started to harden off the plants. It is a 7-10 day process. I am planning on at least 10 days.

Yesterday I moved them out one by one for two hours. Today they will be outside for 3 hours.

So from what I have read the process for hardening off the plants is a step process.

1. Put plants outside in a shaded protected spot for 2 hours, then bring back inside.
2. The next day put plants outside for 3 hours, then bring back inside.
3. Day 3 put plants outside for 4 hours – 1 of those hours is in the morning sun.
4. Each day the time outside get longer and the amount of time in the actual sun gets longer as well.
5. Then around day 7 they spend all day outside in the sun, but bring them inside each night to the warmth of their greenhouse.
6. After that if the night time temperature is staying about 50ºF.
7. Make sure that the plants soil doesn’t dry out in this process. After 10 days the plants should be ready to transplant, try to do this on a cloudy day and remember to water really well after planting.

Like I said I started a few days early, but I’m not overly concerned about it. This is still a learning process for me.

2 thoughts on “Seedlings?

  1. Hello! I was just considering doing a break down on how to “train” our plants for outdoors. Mine are huge and I have no place to put them. Even my beans are starting to fall over. I’m thinking I’ll take the chance and plant them this weekend. It’s either that or watch them die inside.


    1. I am happy I started to harden them off, but the weather is not helping. My plants will be staying inside today because the high is in the 40s today. It’s strange that you can actually see a difference in them. Good luck with planting.


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