Table and Chairs

Some wonderful friends of ours moved last year and gave us a table and chairs for our back yard. The table and chairs were in need of a little pick me up. So since hubby was away hunting I thought I would surprise him and have them done when he got home.

I knew hubby had already power-washed away as much of the paint he could.


So, while I was outside with our youngest, I used a wire brush to finish the clean up. Then I went to the store and picked up some paint. I chose a semi-gloss black paint. It went on really well, other than I can’t feel the tip of my finger any more.


Then I realized I was going to need his help with some of it. The table top is going to be made of out of re-claimed wood. The seat bases need to be cut out and covered with fabric. We are going to use a vinyl tablecloth, there are a bunch of fun patterns and cheap enough that if it needs to be replaced often it’s not a big deal. The other reason we chose to use the vinyl tablecloth is the ease of clean up.

I am so very excited to be able to sit outside at our new to us table and enjoy the outdoors.

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