Blast from the past

Blast from the past, ok that may be pushing it a little but they are 24 years old so I’m going with it!

I had told my husband I wanted more corningware. I love my beautiful white ones that were gifted to us for our wedding. They came with glass lids and storage lids for the large ones and a couple of storage lids for two smaller ones.

My love said that he had bought some at an auction before we were together, they were just at his parents house. He brought them home. I guess I was forgetting not all corningware is white. He said before I even looked at them that we can get rid of them if I wanted to. He was in no way attached to them.

This 11 piece set is called Abundance. I truthfully didn’t like them at first. They sat on my counter washed and ready for me to find a  space for them. While they sat there I started to look at them more. Then my mom came over and a comment about them and referred to the picture as bounty of food.


I think that is when I started to like them. The name is abundance, then mom called it bounty and it made me think of my garden. How things used to be when people didn’t buy veggies but grew them. Then I thought about my husband planning for his future. We were not in his life and he was planning for a family. He was planning on needed the dishes for cooking. I Love it! So they are going to stay. They may not be new and trendy or match my other ones, but I like them.

One thought on “Blast from the past

  1. Such a sweet way to look at it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the need for shiny and new but this story and memories are what adds the ingredient of love that will make each family dish to come taste all the better!

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