Greenhouse needed!

Ok so I posted that I was hardening off my lil green babies. Which I have been doing. Then Mother Nature reminded me who really is in charge. Very cool days, colder nights and very windy.

Where I live, the planting rule of thumb is mother’s day weekend. Well that did not happen. Tomato plants need it to stay at least 50°F at night. This week it is supposed to get down to 37°F at night. So nope not gonna plant just to let all my hard work die from cold.

I made a comment to my hubby about being tired of our house being taken over by tomato plants. We over planted, this being the first year of trying to do this on our own. So while he has home the other day he made me this:


This enclosure (Greenhouse) is tall enough to stand in and covers the E garden, with the exception of the asparagus. He is very handy that hubby of mine 😉

Then he planted our chosen tomato plants in the ground along with our pepper plants. In the holes with the tomato plants he added: oats, beer, sugar, egg shells, banana peels, and coffee grounds. Of the items added could I tell you why they are added … nope. It’s what his mom does, so it is what he does. How sweet!

So my house is looking a little less like a greenhouse, because I have one in my back yard. But I still have basil, strawberries, honeydew, watermelon and flat leaf parsley so still a little like a greenhouse. But it’s getting better everyday!

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