No flowers?

Ok guys I planted some bulbs two falls ago and we never got flowers last year or this year. I was under the impression that they were daffodil bulbs.

To better understand, we didn’t pay for these bulbs. My hubby did some garden work for a lady who wanted her flowers thinned so that they would flower better. Hubby has trouble throwing away something that is still good and useable, so he brought them home for us. He has a true homesteader mind-set, most of the time.

He brought the bulbs home and I spent an afternoon planting them all the way around my flower bed as a border. I am not going to lie I was proud of myself. All afternoon digging in the dirt plant flowers, not something I had done since, ya know dirt and bugs.

Last year I thought the bunnies had eaten my flowers before I had a change to see them. This year we got one flower, but it was a narcissus. I don’t mind it is really pretty and two flowers one stem, I’m happy with it.


Well today I was cleaning the weeds out of the flower bed and I pulled one of the bulbs by accident…

It is NOT a bulb. It is an onion?!? How in the world did I get and onion in my front flowerbed was my thought. The I realized it looked like the other greens along the border. Turns out most of what I thought were daffodils were onions 😦


WOW!!! Anyway looks like I will be working in that garden for a full afternoon to pull onions and figure out what I can plant instead. Has this every happened to any of you? I mean have you ever gotten bulbs you thought were one thing and it turned out differently?

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