Fully grown!

You guys look …


I took this picture two days ago! It was he first time I saw them!!! These little beauties are on a our Tiny Tim tomato plants.

Since the plants were in the greenhouse I took a paint brush out and touched every little flower I saw. There were bugs here and there in the greenhouse but I was worried about pollination so I took matters into my own hands, or paint brush as it were.


This picture I took today! Greenhouse came down last night. Our little green buddies were getting to hot in there and they weren’t getting enough sun, wind, and good bug action.

I am so excited about how this year is going.  I have learned a lot.  I’m happy my first year of starting seeds went so well! I am very lucky and excited for what is to come!

Oh on a side note, something I have learned this year from a couple of sources. (One being a sweet friend of mine who came over for a walk around my yard to explain what some of the plants are in my yard, aka weed vs. something that is good and should stay! – Thanks Again Lady!!!)

When tomato plants grow a branch off the main stem, in the V of it a little leaf will start to grow. This Is BAD! It is called a sucker. They suck the nutrients from the plant before the fruit of the plant so you will get a smaller yield or lesser tomatoes. You have to watch every branch and remember to pick those suckers off. Below is a picture to give you a better idea of what it looks like.


Happy Wednesday ALL!

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