Table and Chairs (part II)

So the table and chairs are all painted. And nope still cant feel the tip of my finger, oh well. So my hubby cut some new seat bases that we covered with a vinyl tablecloth. Hubby has recovered chairs before so he knew what he was doing, he even took the time to teach me.


Here is the finished chair. I’m really happy with how the chairs turned out.


The table top is really a labor of love. My original thought was raw reclaimed wood. Then after running my hands over it I changed my mind. I don’t want the little ones to get splinters. Plus if I sit there while knitting and it gets snagged I would be, umm lets just say upset.

So hubby and I made the decision to put a coating on top. I spent an afternoon arranging then re-arranging the reclaimed wood. Size, color, where the seam who fall ~ all things that made this harder than I thought it would be. But I’m very happy with the outcome.


Now hubby is going to finish cutting them down to size, put the border on it, and coat it. I am excited to get to eat outside on our beautiful table.

Thanks hubby for always helping me with my crafty ideas!

***Oh and with the left over tablecloth we made some matching pillows for the porch swing!***


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