HMMM … any ideas?

Ok flower garden people. My sweet friend came over a week or two ago to help me figure out what is a weed and what is a flower. Like I said before our yard was over grown and not taken care of for a while before we got the house.

Last year we focused on pulling and trying to kill the vines that had taken over one side of our yard. (Which now means we need to replace the fence, because they were what was holding the fence together!)

Then this year this bushy plant went wild getting more sun and all. But my friend was unsure what it was. She thinks it could be an Oak Leaf Hydrangea. Anyone know?


I know it is hard to tell from a picture. It has not bloomed in the two years we have been here, but it wasn’t until this year that it has gotten this big. Also there are no buds.

Our hydrangea in the front were cuttings / transplants from my parents house so they are smaller but they all have buds on them.

So now I am wondering … weed or flower? Keep or pull and try to kill like we are still doing with those freaking vines.

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