I love when it rains, and this morning was perfect.

I was able to sit on my swing this morning and listen to the rain. I watched as my garden was watered for me. Seeing the rain hit the leaves and the flowers was very relaxing. I listened to the rain barrel fill up with fresh water. Which made me smile since I have had to be using the city water and I can see the effect for the chlorine is having on my plants, 😦

With this relaxation came a flood of thoughts of how lucky I am. I have my hubby and my sweet boys (fur boy included). I have an amazing family that I love to spend time with! I have my husband’s side of the family who are always great to get together with – although we need to get together more.

I have friends who are more like family than just friends. I have neighbors who look out for one another. I have some friends who I’m sad to say I have lost contact with but, if they ever walked back into my life it would be wonderful!

I have had jobs which have taught me many things and lead me to where I am today. I have had many opportunities. I also have had times I have made some hard choices.

I have gotten to travel to beautiful places. There are still places I want to see and experience and I know someday that will happen.

The list can go on. I just wanted to take the time and remember. Sometimes life can be hard or not what we planned, but we have to breath and remember it will get better. There is something to be thankful for in each day. Even when it rains and the sky is dark, the plants and grass are getting the much-needed water … see thankful!

Have a wonderful and Thankful day!

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