Finally in the Ground!

Yep, hubby was busy and got the raised bed for the watermelon / honeydew made and for the strawberries. We need to cage the strawberry plants or its only going to be a raised table for the bunnies. Lil stinkers already ate one plant.

Not only did he make them but he also had to do the whole compost thing again. I am so lucky to have him!

Here is the honeydew / watermelon planter. We just planted grass seed so that is why there is straw all the way around.


Here is the strawberry planter. We went smaller than planned just to see how it goes.


I am a little concerned about how the plants are looking. I think that they were in the house to long. I hope they perk up are happy and produce well. I do see a flower so I’m hoping!!!

Now I know the strawberry plants wont produce this year. I also have to pick any flower I see, so the plant can focus its energy on growing and becoming stronger!

We have never tried these before, so it should be interesting. Here is to what the bounty will bring!

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