The Start of our Bounty

I really couldn’t be more excited!

We have gotten 1 yellow squash! Now this one is not a deep yellow as I like them to be, but it was no longer off the ground. It was fully resting on the ground and I was worried it would rot before it got the deep yellow so it had to be picked.


We got 1 beautiful zucchini. I much prefer the zucchini when they are smaller and more tender. I think they lose a ton of flavor when they get huge.


Basil leaves. There isn’t a ton yet as I am still trying to get my plants to grow the way I want them to, but enough to put into olive oil and freeze for the next time I make pasta or soup.


Finally we got our first little tomatoes. This verity is called Tiny Tim. The plant was only supposed to get 12-18 inches tall. Ours however are right around 36 inches. Two of the tomatoes are the biggest cherry tomatoes I think I have seen. I can’t wait to eat these and finally get that homegrown fresh from the garden taste again! If you like tomatoes, that home grown flavor just can’t be beat!


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day is  going beautifully.

One thought on “The Start of our Bounty

  1. Nice bounty. I’ve harvested radishes and peas. A few zucchini are pending, the tomatoes are plentiful but green, and there are quite a few tiny peppers out there. Seeing your harvest gets me excited!


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