Raspberry Jam and Pie Filling

We have missed raspberry season for the last two years, so this year I wasn’t going to miss it.

I purchased pre-picked berries.  I got a flat which held 12 pints. With the little hands and a very busy hubby it was just easier this way for this year

My littlest guy has become a huge berry lover and I had to work quickly before he ate all the berries.

This time when I made jam with Sure Jel I skimmed the foam off and put it in its own jar.  I will find some use for this foam. It tastes great and is light and fluffy … Maybe added to whipped cream or in a cake?!? Hmmmm, the possibilities!

From the 11ish pints left I got 1 foam jell jar, 10 jams, and 3 pie fillings.

The jam has seeds. The first time I ever made jam I tried to do seedless… It took to much time so I said the jam will have seeds.  However I  found out that my youngest neice and nephews don’t like seeds. So I did do an experiment this year and put the jam through a small mesh strainer after it was cooked, I did two jars just to test it out. It looks like it set up ok. I can wait to see what they think of this.


These pie fillings are great. You can use them for pie, crisp, dump cakes, really anything you would use store bought filling for.


I think I may need to go get more berries for more pie filling.

To end this post I want to say


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