Party Time!

My neighbor and I threw a backyard 4th of July Party.

We both have this idea of wanting our street to be what streets used to be. Where we all know each other and look out for one another.

Last year our street had a block party in September. At Christmas time a couple invited everyone over for a party. So we made up our mind that we wanted to have a party too. So here we are.

Hubby, our oldest, and I painted stars on our yard to lead people to the backyard.


We had cornhole, ring toss, ladderball, a bubble machine, and toys out for the kiddos. We put up two tents to provide shade and in the case of rain (we had a 50% chance). I picked up red and blue tablecloths. It was not a perfect set up: chairs didn’t match and tables didn’t match, but I am happy how it worked out. We borrowed tables and chairs from all of our parents, since we were expecting over 30 people. We are so lucky to have families close by and able to help…THANKS!!!!

We had shredded chicken sandwiches and hotdogs. This way no one had to work the grill and there wouldn’t be anything crazy hot with the little kids around. Crockpots are wonderful! We supplied chips, pretzel chips, carrots, m&m, and goldfish.


We planned on BYOB, but just to have our bases covered we put out a mini pool filled with ice with some water, pops, and adult drinks.


I wanted to make sure there were plenty of drink options since it was around 90°F yesterday. So I made up some homemade lemonade, a suntea, and a bottle of simple syrup incase anyone wanted it to be sweet tea. We put these drinks on the dessert table along with nametags.


We had Red, White, and Blue glow bracelets for the kiddos. However our party was over before it got dark so I just sent them home with the kiddos. That dessert on the table is a chocolate dream dessert that I learned from a really good friend. Thanks to her because it is YUMMY!!! I wasn’t planning on making a dessert because I did the chicken and hotdogs, but my oldest asked with a twinkle in his eye and I couldn’t say no.

Once people started showing up I have every intention on taking pictures, but as hostess I was too busy. I promise to work on getting better about pictures.

On the invite we assigned the even numbers desserts and the odd numbers sides. Our wonderful neighbors didn’t disappoint. The food was wonderful with a great variety. People talked and ate. We are so thankful for those who were able to come came by to celebrate with us! It was a great evening and I am looking forward to parties in the years to come!

One thought on “Party Time!

  1. Our neighborhood used to be very close — when our kids were young. Now that all our kids are college age, the adults are pretty much shut-ins. For a few years I tried keeping things going by inviting people over at Christmas or during the summer, but no one ever reciprocated so it didn’t seem like they were really interested. Those were wonderful times. We still are cordial with all the neighbors and some we do sit out on the patio with occasionally, but the days of neighborhood parties seem to be a thing of the past for us. Enjoy the time, as it passes far too quickly.


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