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Busy Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I sure did, busy but wonderful!

Friday I drove out and picked up a  flat of Black Raspberries. I have never canned black raspberries before and I wanted to try jam and pie filling.

I also got to meet a new HVAC guy, since our air conditioner still doesn’t work. Sad news … it is not fixable 😦

Saturday I started off removing all the weeds from my front flower bed, i then moved on to pruning my zucchini and squash plants, I did laundry, made a blueberry crisp, then I got to pick up my next Chicken Share from Weber Ranch LLC. Our oldest had a birthday party to go to somewhere in all of that.

Hubby and I got to go hang out with some friends in the evening while the kiddos were in great hands. We played dodgeball, cooked out, watched some remembrance movies from when we were younger and played some cards.


Today my parents had us over so breakfast. Then we headed home, but the day was just getting started. I processed the zucchini and squash to freeze for when I want to make Chocolate Chip Bread. I made 11 jars of jam and 2 jars of pie filling. I took those yummy chicken we got from Weber’s and since we had them butchered for us, I separated them out by kind and used the food saver. I also put all of our frozen chicken bones in the crockpots and started cooking them for broth.

Now I am sitting here enjoying my wine and cuddling my baby. Like I said busy weekend, but it was great and I feel like I got a lot done.

Wishing you a great week to come!

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