Special Time Together

This week I was very lucky and got to spend special time with my oldest!

When I was younger my mom would take each kid out before the start of school to have special time together and get supplies, clothes, shoes, and go out to lunch. I always loved that time with my mom. So I now do with it my oldest and will do it with my younger son when the time comes.

We went and got all of his supplies, he made some great choices in which supplies he wanted. Then we went and looked for shoes, he needed new tennis shoes. He picked really cool blue ones. He made the decision that he already had the outfit he wanted to wear on his first day of school, so we didn’t need to go clothes shopping.

He looked at the backpacks and lunch boxes at the store, he wasn’t all that fond of those so we ordered him one online. Its a true bigger kid backpack and very cool. He chose a blue bag and matching lunch bag.

Since he has been reading this summer he needed the next book in the series he is reading, Wings of Fire. So we headed to the store to buy it. I LOVE that he reads. To be honest it is a rule that he reads for 25 minutes a day. That greatest part is he does it. He doesn’t complain and he will read for twos days time in one day if he missed a day for whatever reason. I am so lucky to have such a great kid!

Then lunch at the location of his choosing. Barry’s Bagel is always yummy and he has loved it since his special days with my mom. The weather was beautiful so we ate outside.

I am so thankful that my mom was able to babysit my youngest so  could have this time with my oldest! I am beyond blessed with my family!

It may only be mid July, but school starts in less than a month and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to rush order anything. I swear summer seems to go so fast. Yet as a mom of two kids, some days seem really really long…

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