Garden Update

Hubby, our youngest, and I went to visit my grandpa today. Luckily for me I ran into one of my cousins there with his beautiful family. While we visited he asked how my blog was going and then how my garden was doing. Which got me to thinking I should do an update.

The 6 cucumber plants that made it are climbing away. Some of them have reached the top of the trellis. But I think there is a little too much cross-pollination between them and the summer squash. They have a funny shape. Lol lesson learned. The way these plants attach themselves never ceases to amaze me!!!

The sweet pepper plants are happy. The beetles have tried to eat them but they are still growing so I would say they are doing well!


And look what I spied with my little eye …

The potato plants have gotten away from us. They are much larger than we expected them to get. We were supposed to put the next row of wood and more dirt on every 12-18 inches. They are much larger than that. oops! I guess I know what we will be doing tomorrow.

The squash and zucchini are not very happy with this weather we have been having. We are still getting fruit from the plants but not as many as I would have liked. Also next year we will switch the placement of the squash and zucchini.


The tomato plants are HUGE!! We have topped them more times than I can count. They are producing nicely. The Tiny Tims started out as a favorite of mine, i loved the idea that they didn’t get tall (18″ height). This however was false for ours, as they are at least 2.5′ tall. They were the first to flower and produce, however, I don’t see any new growth. We will have to see what happens.

The Large Red Cherry Tomatoes are producing really well and the flavor of those golf ball size tomatoes are perfection!


The delicious Tomatoes are slower to ripen up, however there are some really good-sized ones. As a reference, I am 5’6″ and these photos are at eye level, and the top of the plants are about 2′ above this. Now it is a raised bed so the top of the soil is 10″ above where I am standing, but STILL HUGE!!!

All in all our garden is doing well. The basil is  growing just fine, green beans aren’t looking to happy but I do have 3 meals worth of green beans in the deep freezer at least. The honeydew is currently having to be trained because it wants to go into the yard. The watermelon is getting bigger, but it’s not happy. There is most definitely not enough light for them. The strawberries made some bunnies very happy. NOT a fan of bunnies in my yard.

How are your gardens doing???

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