Summer time flies …

My sweet hubby has listened to me talk about taking my camera out and about the countryside to get some pictures. I still haven’t had time to do it, since I would rather do it when I don’t have the boys. He stopped by this field that I loved the look of, and took a picture for me. This is the field lead me to want to drive about to take pictures …

So summer is in full swing. The other evening I was walking my dog and I heard my favorite sounds kids laughing and playing outside, crickets chirping away, and people talking around the fire in the backyard.

There is also the sights of summer with the sun-kissed skin of my boys, the garden in full swing, the fireflies dancing in the yard, the chalk that is used for more than just scribbles, and of course the beautiful trees.

However I got a very real reminder that summer time flies by to quickly. Look what I saw in the trees …

I made some blueberry pie filling yesterday. I have an artisan swap next month at my favorite farm…I’m so excited!!! So I chose to make blueberry pie filling. I have used it for pie, for blueberry crisp, for blueberry peach cobbler. I love it! So that is what I am going to share!!
What have you been up to lately? I was just outside and picked this beautiful bounty of tomatoes. Which is great since I just gave away a bunch to my in laws and one of my best family friends. img_7257

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