Backyard re-do

So we have been looking over our back yard trying to figure things out for our garden next year. We had two pine trees that were in bad shape. Tops cut off because of power lines, branches that were dead, the bottom branches of the trees were cut off about 8 feet above the ground. All in all not pretty trees or healthy trees.

So my hubby had a lift he had rented for a job and cut those bad boys down. No I did not get pictures of him doing that because I HATE when he works with a chainsaw … they scare me. He is very responsible and wears all the safety gear and I completely trust, still scares me. I didn’t want to be a distraction to him in any way possible. So I stayed away.

So now that the trees are down … the back part of our yard has amazing sun!!!! So my plans are to have a planter along the most of the available back fence area! I am excited, is it too early to start planning next years garden?!?

Also due to more power lines and needed to replace this fence hubby had to cut down these younger trees. 

Sad news on the garden front. ALL of my zucchini plants and most of my squash plants died. 

So after that happened I did some more reading. it is recommended you do a tomato fertilizer or a compost tea every 10ish days. – I did not do that, in fact NO fertilizer was applied to those plants, OOPS! Also the soil is supposed to stay moist, with the recommendation of planting an empty 6″ pot by the base of the plant and waterig into that so the water gets more easily and more directly to the roots. Again – OOPS! Oh well i know better for next year.


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