School …

So school has been back in session now for a week. It is hard to believe that the care free days of summer are already over.

I was surprised how quickly summer seemed to fly this year. I don’t really even feel like there was a full summer.

Maybe it was because the days never seemed as long as when I was younger. Or because the weather was so different from what I remember growing up.

I am thankful my kiddo’s school has air-conditioning because I am sure, as it is only August, there are bound to be some really hot days ahead.

The only good thing about the care free days of summer being over is the … Fulton County Fair. That really is something that before August 2008 I NEVER thought I would think/say/feel.


I truly look forward to those days at the fair. Granted my In-Laws have a camper on the fair grounds so that is how I can handle it. I am really not very good being around a ton of people so they are my saving grace. Plus my Father-In-Laws family has been going to this fair for years and years and years. They have special meals everyday … Its amazing! Great Food, Great People, Great Friends, Great Times!

Is it Labor day weekend yet?!?!?

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