Farm to Table Event

So I was joined by my hubby and wonderful parents for a great event at the Weber Ranch, LLC!

The event was called Farm to Table, and it was wonderful! Walking up their driveway you see the full effect of how beautiful their farm is. There is first of all chicken EVERYWHERE! It is hard to look in any direction and not see a feathered friend. When approaching the top of the driveway we were greeted by a nice lady with a tray of deconstructed deviled eggs for an appetizer and directed to look in all the barns and enjoy the farm, oh and by the way the bar is that way —>. It was a lot of fun, plus they had apples out for people to find the pigs with.

One of the best parts about the farm is getting to see where your food comes from. They sell eggs, chickens, pig shares, and turkeys. Truthfully some of the best meat and eggs I have ever had. When you are there you get to see the animals being well taken care of and moving around the way animals should. A little plug here: they have some turkeys yet available fo thanksgiving and pig shares also available. Really do yourself a favor and visit their website.

Dégagé was the one who did the catering. The idea behind it was to use local ingredients  to make a seven course meal for everyone to enjoy. Of course Weber eggs, chicken, and pork all made it into the dishes. Small plates of each course were placed in from of you after the head chef finished telling you about what you were going to enjoy next.

The food in its self was a great experience. None of it was something I would have gone into a restaurant to and ordered from the menu. It got me out of my comfort zone, and was very yummy, so lucky me! Course 1, 4 and 7 were my favorites!!!


The backdrop of their farm with the live music made for a wonderful evening. While people were enjoying the made from scratch marshmallow smore lollipops a bonfire was started. It was a wonderful way to end a beautiful night out at the farm. I loved it!

OH and they had a coffee stand there. Ok people I’m gonna be real I like coffee for the stuff that I can put in it, you know they very yummy flavors. This coffee was served with cream and sugar for those who wanted it. I LOVED IT! Best coffee I have had in a very very long time. Awake my soul coffee company!


Great event with wonderful people! So much fun!!! Thank you Tony and Michelle for more fun memories at Weber Ranch!


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