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Fulton County Fair

You guys it’s finally finally here! It’s fair weekend! My husband and I started dating the month of the fair 8 years ago. My mom joked that when we were going to the fair on a date that it would make or break our relationship … well I guess it made it!

That day I had blisters on my feet from the cute (not practical) shoes I wore. I got stuck in his parents camper and my eyes were opened to how much fun a fair could be. I know that if it weren’t for my in-laws camper the fair would be a very different experience.

My Father-in-laws family comes together at the fair. Every year! If you haven’t picked up on how much family means to me … this  is my favorite part! On Saturday the whole group gets together for dinner. Then Sunday everyone is together for lunch. The Camper is like the home base for everyone.

My mother-in-law makes the main dishes. Everyone brings sides and their own drinks. Yesterday we had sloppy joes, hotdogs, mac n cheese, 7 layer salad, potato salad, chips, homemade salsa, grapes, cheese, olives, veggies and dip, applesauce jello, finger jello, cheesecake, cookies, marshmallow pops, and grape salad. (I may be forgetting something cuz there is so much!)

Today will be sloppy chicken sandwiches and all the left overs from yesterday. I love all the yummy food but the family time is a favorite.

The other fun times at the fair are all of the things to do at the fair. The Junior fair building, with the Lionel trains. The merchant buildings where you can enter for drawings and buy stuff. The games, rides, and animals. The fried food and drinks … Lemonade, Milk Shakes, Sausage sandwiches (not for me but for hubby), hamburgers, fries, and funnel cakes from Fat Guys!!!(Those are my favorite funnel cakes).

Now we still have all of today and tomorrow that we spend at the fair so I don’t have every picture but please enjoy the gallery below!

The yummy chocolate milk shakes, I was told they do come in vanilla but i have never had that cuz ya know chocolate!
Tractors galore


Just one of the many rides


Look yoga bunny!
He’s sooooo FLUFFY!!!
Dude he got his hair done! 😉
awwww, baby cows are so cute!


Tired baby cow!
Mini goats a momma and a baby


OK GUYS I am in love with the chickens who look like they wear pants!!!!
OOOOO its an egg

I hope you all have had a safe, fun, and wonderful Holiday weekend! I am going to go enjoy more family time, fair rides, games, and animals! I am very blessed and I wish you the best!

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