Freezing Corn!

My best friend’s (from junior high school) mom posted the other day about the corn she processed for the freezer. I still hadn’t found great corn this year so I messaged her about where to get it.

Turns out Ryan’s Family Farm is the place to go! So I drove my van out there after I dropped my oldest off at school to pick up a bunch of corn! I called the night before and they had a bag filled and ready to go.  The bag comes with 64ish corn cobs.

A bushel of corn is a freaking lot of corn! Just sayin. I asked how to prepare the corn and was given her recipe.  This winter when we eat the corn if we like it I’ll share it then.

So between hubby and I we got all the corn cleaned. Then I flipped a small bowl upside down in a large bowl. I would normally use a bundt pan for cutting the corn off the cob, but with the amount of corn I was doing I figured this was best for this project.


So I started to cut the corn off the cob. Then I kept cutting.  And cutting. And cutting.  Like I said it’s a lot of corn.

So now I have cut corn off the cob cooked.


 So now I have cooked and cooled the corn so I could store it in food saver bags.  I love those food saver bags.  They are great and we use the food saver all the time.

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