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Learning about pasta sauce!

So a dear friend of mine sent me a message before fair weekend saying she was going to can pasta sauce and invited me over. She had remember I had said to her I wanted to learn how to do it awhile ago. But I told her I couldn’t do it since it was fair weekend. She was so sweet and offered to wait until next weekend, which was yesterday.

So I got to her house at 10am yesterday armed with all the tomatoes, bell peppers, onions I had, jars, a stock pot, and my water bath canner.

She had a nifty attachment for her KitchenAid that ground the tomatoes for us … note to self buy one of those!!! We made an assembly line, she boiled and peeled, I cored/seeded then put through the grinder. That process took a while and I can’t image doing it by myself!

Her sweet and funny hubby came in after about an hour and asked if we still planned on doing things with apples and if so we might want to go pick because the rain was almost there. So we stopped and went out and picked 4 baskets of apples.

After 3 baskets of apples, we said … we are done, so these were leftovers.


Then came back in and kept making sauce. Now she worked a whole lot faster than I did and she had chopped the onions and peppers and cooked them in a skillet on the stove while I was still working my part of the assembly line. She also added garlic to the onion and pepper mixture.

In a large stock pot she poured the tomatoes, onions/pepper/garlic mixture, along with sugar, brown sugar, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and some seasonings and we let that cook away around medium heat while we continued to work on all the tomatoes we had. Those tomatoes seemed to take forever, but let me tell you that sauce is worth it!!! Oh my goodness!

We ended up snacking on some sauce with this very yummy bread she had. It was the sauce that of course wouldn’t have filled a jar so we had to eat it! Yummy!!!!

Once we had the sauce in the water bath we started in on the apples. We peeled, sliced, and cored the apples, with a gadget. Then cut them up and put some in a dehydrator and some in a bowl for apples in syrup (we did a medium simple syrup).


The great thing about apples in syrup is your options are open when it comes time to use them. You can cook them down as a topper for ice cream, you can make apple pie (once you thicken the syrup), you can make apple sauce, apple crisp … really your options are limited only by you!

I didnt leave her house until 4pm. I had a lot of fun. I laughed so much. We rocked out to I ❤ the 90s. The animals had us laughing, and sometimes feeling judged.

These guys kept looking in the window, and talking to us!


It was a great day!

Thanks again for teaching me!

Note to self I need to get her recipe for ketchup, because she let me taste it and boy was it good!

Also now I want to try just tomato sauce.

Oh and tomato paste

OOOO salsa too!

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