Garden Update

So this gardening season is slowly coming to an end. Since I am still learning about this whole process we are not planting a fall garden … this year at least.

The tomatoes are still growing and turning a beautiful red. I am working on collecting seeds for next year. I am even going to swap some seeds with a very nice lady who has been so kind as to talk tomatoes with me. Note to self – I do not need as many cherry tomato plants, but that is not to say I wont plant a ton next year too! ūüėČ

The Green Beans were a one hit wonder. We got one good pick from them and that was really it. I have already removed the dead plants so that part of the garden is ready to get a top layer of compost before winter.

The Asparagus is looking beautiful! I love how I get to teach friends and family about how it grows and looks. It is fun since I have done so much research. Most don’t know that is what asparagus looks like if it is not picked and that is what the plant needs to grow the following year.

The Bell Peppers are still producing, but much smaller fruit. I believe that is our fault. I think we put in more plants than should have been in that small of a space. But we currently have 8-10 growing.

The Potatoes greens are starting to turn yellow now. Like I said they got away from us this year, so now we know better for next year and will¬†have the boards cut and ready to put on, ¬†when the plants are the correct height. We will also be planting in a stand¬†alone place instead of¬†in the raised garden. It worked just fine except for the fact we couldn’t dig up the first¬†layer.

The Honeydew – as you saw last post gave us a shock and started to produce fruit. There are 3 on the plant that we see. One is getting very large in size and I am very excited about it! Mostly because I thought they were not going to produce anything.

The watermelon — well just look …

Can you believe it? Just¬†like the honeydew, just when I counted it as a waste of time it surprised me! It is so exciting. I love it! I hope the hippity hops will leave all 3 of the fruit alone. I also¬†hope they¬†are ripe by the time it frosts. I can’t wait to see how it tastes!

My poor strawberries. Those darn bunnies ate them down to the numbs. So not cool bunnies, not cool. But it is partly our fault since we never got the fence around it. but I mean it was over night that they did the damage so I just gave up on them. However a few leaves did make it!

The cucumbers, squash, and zucchini have been done¬†for a little while. but I am not going to go through that again.¬†Although a dear friend, I had lunch with, said it sounded like I had a bug that went into the stem and killed them, since they died so quickly. Which to be honest made me feel better since I was bummed at how they died so quickly and I didn’t get a ton of produce from them.

So there you have it. How the garden is doing and looking towards the end of this growing season. What about you, how is your garden doing? Any tips that would be helpful to me for next year?

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