Tattler Testing part II

Back in April I started a test to see how I could label my reusable Tattler lids (you can see the original post here Tattler Testing)

Well it has been about 6 months of the writing on the lids.  Let’s see how they clean up.


So above is how the lids looked when I got them off the shelf where I keep my canned goods. The two on the left are written on with permanent marker. The white one on the right is dry erase maker.


I wiped each lid with just a dry paper towel. There is residue left on all lids. The permanent marker and dry erase marker were both ease to wipe off but left behind obvious marks.


I tried spraying windex on the lid and letting it sit on there to see if it would take care of the residue. Nope :/


This is after I tried just water and then windex.  The permanent marker just always leaves a residue.


I wiped the dry erase marker lid with just a paper towel. Residue was left over.  So then I used windex. You can still make out test and the date and kind of see where dry erase was written.

All in all I will stick to my label maker and peel the old label off before I throw the lid into the dishwasher.  I’m happy I did the test because I would have been very annoyed if I had written on every lid and they didn’t clean up well.

So doing this on my own it makes me wonder … have you gotten different results when testing resusable lids? How do you label your jars of homemade yumminess? Do you label them all the same way or if you know you are going to gift them, do you label those differently?

I hope you had a wonderful week so far! Have a great evening!

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