Basil Plants = Pesto!

So it’s that time of year when the plants are done for the season. My basil didn’t do quite as well as I was thinking it would do. however to be fully honest the tomatoes took over the garden. So the poor things did the best they could.

So since my plants were telling me they are done I took the leaves inside and made PESTO!

You guys pesto is wonderful. I put it on pasta, on spaghetti squash, on bread, fancy grilled cheese. Its good stuff. Oooo also cook up some chicken put the pesto on top, then good mozzarella cheese, and let it melt a little, when you serve add some fresh tomato chunks – yum!

Here’s how I make it.

Toast some pine nuts on medium low heat. There are a couple of  things you should remember when toasting nuts: do NOT walk away from them and do not turn the heat up. I walked away and burned ’em. Or it may seem like it taking forever and you will be temped to turn the heat up – don’t do it! I’ve done both which have resulted in BURNED pine nuts which are not yummy at all. (They also do not smell nice when burned)

Threw all my cleaned basil leaves in the food processor with the pine nuts, salt, pepper, garlic and Parmesan cheese.  Yes that is pink salt you see there. No I do not have any specific measurements … sorry!

Mix it all up and then start to stream in extra virgin olive oil until you get the consistency you like!


Then use or freeze accordingly. You can freeze in ice-cube trays or in ziplock freezer bags. my method of choice is the food saver bags. I love those things!

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