My garden is sad

Well I must say first I am thankful for all the time I got to enjoy my garden this year. I never really thought I would love gardening.

Now love is not the word I would use when I have to weed the dang things. Nor would it be the word when I have to pick something and I put my hand through a darn spider web (that one wigs me out and I make hubby pick for about a week! I HATE spiders!)

Love is the word when I am enjoying homegrown tomato soup in the middle of winter. Also when I can gift/give goodies to friends and family. I really love looking out my windows and seeing all our hard work. But the biggest love moment is when I am out there working in the garden with any part of my family (hubby, boys, nieces, or nephews… you get the idea).

So now it’s almost mid November and hard frost has finally come to my area. I picked almost all my green tomatoes – I did lose some. I picked all my yellow squash that were yellow. My peppers Weren’t ready but I picked anyway since I didn’t have a choice. We also got our potatoes out of the ground.

Tomatoes … they were amazing this year! Still growing and flowering.  Love it! I will do more large tomatoes next year and maybe Roma for sauce.


These little babies are going into paper bags to help them ripen up!


A lot of these are going to be turned into fried green tomatoes today and the next few days.  Yum!


These are great for snacking and will be prepped and frozen until I have enough to make more tomato soup!

My yellow squash …


Smaller than the length of my hand. I had 8 – 10 of them. I thought they wouldn’t be any good to eat but I asked around. Turns out they are amazing to eat! I used my cast iron and did a quick sauté…YUM!

My bell peppers, I will space them out more next year.


Love my peppers. These weren’t ready to be picked I hope I’m at least able to use some.

Then our potatoes. We really did let them get away from us. However for the 2 started potatoes and our first try I was excited.


No we didn’t get the amount we hopped for. But we learned what we will change next year.  Starting with a separate box for the potatoes, boards already cut and ready to add to the box, adding dirt when tops are about 12 inches and doing right when we think of it, oh annnnnd we are going to add sweet potatoes next year. I LOVE sweet potatoes!

All in all I’m excited about our results.  Now I just need to add some stuff back to our soil then do some leaf mulch and a layer of black gold compost to top it off. But like I said our gardens are sad …


But soon they will be tucked in for the winter so they are ready in the earl spring to grow more amazing veggies and fruit for us! Are your gardens all tucked in for winter? Do you add anything back to the soil after pulling all your plants?

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