Merry Christmas!

I wanted to take a moment and wish all the readers out there in blog land a Very Merry Christmas from me to you. Christmas is the holiday my family celebrates, but if you celebrate something else I hope it was/will be a great day!

Have a wonderful day and share the love you have for others in any way that you can.

My young loves have already opened presents, had breakfast, opened stockings and one broken toy to speak of. The fur babies had fun with the wrapping paper, even without treats inside they had fun!

Watching the boys pick out their dad’s present was fun. they thought about each item and how it could help their dad. They got him a razor – so he won’t have any more pokies – I don’t know who that was for him or them 😉

My loves did a wonderful job thinking of me when they went out with their dad. I am so blessed with lots of love, amazing family, and wonderful friends!

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