Happy Happy New Year’s!

I wanted to take time to wish you a very Happy New Year’s before I head off to bed! I hope you were surround by family and friends this evening as you said goodbye to the past year and WELCOME to the fresh start of the new year!

The new year always comes with resolutions. Now I normally do not pick any. This year for me is going to be a year of being better. Better about my health, better about my water intake, better being positive, better about my blog … just BETTER!

Better about my health is important to me. I want to be healthy for me, for my family, as an example to my young loves. So to help me – I set an alarm to get up early and walk or workout. I have my It Works! supplements that I am using as well!


I got myself a cup that holds 24 ounces of water. I’m going to drink half my body weight in ounces a day! (The pretty cup and a straw help!) This amount does not include coffee because coffee actually de-hydrates or something like that.


I am going to spend time everyday focusing on positive books, books I have wanted to read but haven’t made time for, books to help me in my hobbies.  dreams to help me have a better more positive attitude. Looking for some book suggestions people – help a girl out, please!

When I started this blog I planned to post every Wednesday and Sunday – well if you followed from when I began you know that didn’t happen so much. I mostly posted on those days WHEN I posted. However there was larger spans of time when I didn’t post anything at all, zip, zero, nada, NOTHING. I never wanted to force a post and I still wont, I post because I am really enjoying it. I was also worried about posting to many food blogs in a row. Then I realized if a food blog was what I wanted to post about then I should. So I am going to post on Wednesday and on Sundays this year!

That is me and what my BETTER year will be! What are you working on this year? Do you have a resolution?

Once again …

Happiest of Happy New Years wishes to you and yours! Be safe and many blessings to you!

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