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My Buddy …

My pre-teen and I were talking a couple of weeks back about jr. high and high school. He had some questions as to what classes were offered and such. This was after he had been watching me knitting, his dad working on the sewing machine and of course cooking and baking going on.

Then he asked about a class that teaches how to cook and do “stuff like that”. I said there used to be. It was a requirement to take home economics in Jr. High school. Sadly I don’t know if that is the case anymore.

So I am doing a “homeschool” version of it. Each week he is cooking dinner. If you does not want to cook dinner he will then bake something from beginning to end – no short cuts of the cookie dough in the freezer. (Yes I know I am mean) 😉

So for his first meal he made spaghetti. He boiled the pasta … we forgot to salt the water (Lesson learned) He opened the sauce, it wasn’t easy and he learned sometimes you need a grip helper to get them open. It was perfect! I loved it! He was very proud and I was very proud of him.

The next week he chose to make chicken papirkash. In the crockpot … before he left for school. Then at dinner time he made up the rice and green beans! Again pride with every dish served. He even got to cook for his Mana (my mom) that night, which he was soooo excited to do.

The following week he made cheese lasagna. He remember to salt the past water! (Score this idea is working) He listened well and did every layer by himself! He did such a great job it all stayed together while serving! It makes a 9×13 so half is in the freezer for another dinner.


Tonight he made Noodle soup. I had made it for him a couple of months ago when we were both sick. He loved it. Bland and not a lot of effort to eat. But that is what he wanted to make so he did. He got out the homemade stock and brought it to a boil, added pasta, and salt. (I don’t salt my broth so it wasn’t quite enough salt but we added to our bowls and it was fine). We talk about in the future if he wants to make that again it will need to be as a side to something with protein. He agrees.


My lil guy asked to make cake today. He helped mix, crack eggs, mix, make a mess, and pour! Perfect helper!!!! SO there you have chocolate cake, with vanilla frosting, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows.

I could not be more proud of how well he is doing. He is proud of everything he has made, which is important. I love that he is interested in learning a life skill. If it is later taught in school at least he will be ahead of the game and if not well it should be! This summer we will add laundry to his list of learning and mowing the grass. So much to teach and I can feel time almost speeding up. I am so thankful for the chance to teach him what I know, I am so LUCKY!

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