Large Back Garden Bed

When you live in Zone 5 and you get two days, over a weekend, where it is close to 60 F, you take full advantage.

We got out into the backyard and took care of some stuff, had some fun, and built the Large Back Garden Bed!!!!

So hubby started by ripping 2×4’s and making stakes.


Then we went out into the yard to figure out where we wanted them placed. Once we got that figured out we started to measure and pound those stakes into the ground. I can tell you I did help with the 8 pound sledge-hammer. Well that should read, I tried to help and I put some into the ground. It took me a lot more swings that it took hubby and he did most of them, but I did do some! Yes, I feel proud. I am trying to be more hands on this time around.

So then it was time to screw the boards on. Now this part I am not going to lie. I hate starting screws, he told me I would be fine because the ones we used have a sort of drill bit to them and help to make the hole. But when I was in High school and was in Drama productions I torn up my fingers during set construction … so nope … it scares me. I did end up doing one because I HAD to try. But ONE was enough for me, I will say he was right and it didn’t hurt.

So now the boards are on and he put support boards to help pull the sides together when we get all the weight of the compost in there. So the next nice weekend we have available compost site, here we come!!!

While we were out there our youngest made some very “YUMMY” mud pies for me. While our oldest was tasked with cleaning up the sticks from the front and backyards. He figured out how to rig the wagon to his bike so get could bring them all at once! I love that he worked until HE figured it out. He didn’t give up, just kept trying.

Then hubby had some fun today and burned those sticks and scraps and shavings and stuff that needed cleaned up … FIRE!

I also planted 90+ bulbs in my front flower bed. Hubby had gotten them for me back at the end of the season for a great deal … but the ground was too hard to plant. So since the dirt was soft enough to plant, well I did!

All of this made for a wonderful weekend. Oh and I was able to walk the dogs without freezing – so extra bonus!!!! I am Thankful for this amazing weekend!

5 thoughts on “Large Back Garden Bed

  1. Your weather sounds like ours! Your raised beds look tremendous – a good width too. I cannot lift my husbands stupidly heavy sledge hammer either (height and arm length has a lot to do with those too) so i got a short handled mallet from Menards and i use it for everything. With a good swing i can pound anything in. Clouds again today – sigh..


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