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Sunday … prepping

You may have noticed I didn’t post on Wednesday. I was not feeling well and I knew if I posted there wouldn’t be any heart behind it. It would just be a post to post and I am not about to do that.

I write this blog because I am having fun. I am learning as I go and I said in the beginning I plan on posting Sundays and Wednesdays, but I will not force a post. We have all read blogs were the posts feel forced and I never want this blog to have that feel.

So here I am a week later and I cant wait to tell you what I did this week. We ordered the last of our “seeds”. I say it that way because we ordered strawberry PLANTS. Yep tried seeds last year … bunnies had a strawberry greens salad. So this year I am starting with plants … in a raised bed. i will most likely also plants some seeds just so the plants are staggered. Hubby and I are still working out how the raised bed will look!

We also ordered … sweet potato starters and potato starters as well. Oh I guess they are called like tubers or something right?!? You know what I mean though?

So all those will be shipped to us when they are ready. It is not like seeds where they will be shipped out like crazy fast. which I am ok with because don’t have the potato beds made or the strawberry one – of course since we don’t even know how we are going to make it.

I am also still saving my Weber egg shells.

Along with my coffee grounds.

And Banana peels.

These are all things that we add to our compost dirt when planting our plants. We also add sugar, Epsom salt, beer, and bone meal. There are no measurements just kind of dump and mix in.

Today we will also be starting out onion seeds. More on that later! I am so excited!!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday … prepping

  1. Ellie…I had the best strawberry garden years back. Mine was raised, circular in shape and stacked to form a cone shape. It was five layers high and it produced berries like mad. I did have to cover it with remay to keep the birds out, but it was well worth the effort, the berries were so hood! Good luck!


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