And so it begins . . .

Here in zone 5 it is still cold. The grass outside is starting to turn green and I don’t want to get my hopes up for spring to be coming, because in April of last year we had snow. But I have spring fever anyway so . . . We have started our seeds. Hubby went to the store and picked up a heating pad and some soil-less seed started.

So after reading some more I learned I did some things wrong last year. See I am learning! I had mixed some of our composted soil in when planting – nope not supposed to do that. It is supposed to be soil-less. That just seems strange to me. But lesson learned!

Also I was watering wrong. I always watered the top. From the reading I was doing I am supposed to get the “soil” wet and has a dark brown color, let it drain for 10-15 minutes then plant the seeds. Check the “soil” daily, when it is starting to get a lighter brown color you water the holding pan, so that the water soaks up into the “soil” from the bottom. This helps the roots to grow down and get a better base.

Did you know that?!? Well you live and learn I guess.

So we started onions, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, pepperocini and strawberries.

First we put the “soil” in the starter pods. Gently pushed down, so that it is firm but not compacted. Then water and wait, and wait, and wait.

Once the excess water has drained you plant your seeds. Make sure to label them so you know what you have.

Then cover with the plastic lid and place on the heating pad. The heating pad is specifically designed for starting seeds. It stays at a constant temperature.


Make sure you keep watch over the soil and the new seedlings. Once they start to grow I very gently swipe my finger over the stem at least once a day. That way it helps to strengthen the stem and they will be more hardy. (At least that is what I read . . . somewhere)

Once the seedlings are about to touch the top make sure you take them out of the container and set them in a sunny spot to continue to grow. Our broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus went crazy fast so on my counter they sit …

As you can see these grew very fast! Ignore the egg shells and coffee pods in the background … I told you I save them for my garden, they are still drying out.

That is why the and so it begins, I have already started to lose my counter space. In the not so distant future I will have a folding table in front of my window so we lose part of the kitchen and you know what – I CAN NOT WAIT!!! (what is happening to me?!?)

Have you started your seeds inside yet?


6 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. I’m in Zone 5, too, central Indiana. Yes, I’ve started 63 varieties, but I haven’t started lots of things yet because it’s too early. Your seedlings have stretched….not enough light. I water from the top, and have for over forty years….it doesn’t hurt as long as the plants have time to dry before evening. If you have good ventilation it shouldn’t be a problem. They definitely can’t SIT in water though…must have good drainage. Best of luck.


  2. I’m in zone 3 & have lots of seeds growing inside. I even had blooms starting in my strawberry bed in my outdoor garden. Second year strawberries but, I had to hurry & cover them with hay this morning again because, after tornado warnings earlier in week, a few days in 70 degree temperatures, it then decided to snow 5 inches! It’s only our second snow this year. Lol.


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