Dose of reality 

SO… Mother Nature needed to give me a reality check I think! You all I’m so sorry this snow we just had must be my fault, I was too needy for spring, I think.

You see, I am so excited for spring. The tree had buds, the grass was turning green, my flowers were growing and I was looking forward to getting my hands dirty (GASP!!!!)

Yep I have been so excited about whats to come I forgot it is only MARCH!!! March in Zone 5, nowhere near spring. To my defense the weather was warming up and it tricked me. But then the snow came. It got cold and had a steady snow fell all day on Monday.

Then my son comes home from school with homework. He had to flush an ice-cube, put a spoon in the freezer, and wear his pjs inside-out.  This was “an assignment” from his teacher so they could have a snow day. Well he did all those things and guess what happened … you guess it snow day! We didn’t even start with a delay just straight snow day!

So my back yard went from no snow and traces of spring to:


and then my view has become this:


and finally today this:

still snow in places but the grass isn’t as green anymore, and I really really hope all my pretty flowers wont die!!!!

So was it just me or did Mother Nature need to give you a dose of reality too???

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