Saving seeds…

So this whole gardening thing is an adventure for me. I never thought I would love the digging in the dirt, watching the plants grow, watering, and weeding. Ok so I don’t enjoy that last one . . . at all. In fact I think that will become a paid activity for my kids! Ha!

But I have come to love it. still learning not to care about the dirt under my nails, but I might get there someday . . . maybe?!?

So I garden to see things grow, encourage my kids to learn new things, save money, enjoy garden fresh fruits and veggies, and know exactly what I am feeding my family. So part of the saving money I felt is seed saving. I only attempted to save my own seeds from my tomatoes. I need to research on how to save seeds from the other items. Now I do have seeds left over from last year.

Soo I have a question for those of you who save seeds. How do you store them? How long are they good for? What kinds of seeds do you save or just buy new every year?

I have seeds left over from last year in the paper envelope that they came in.

I also tried saving my seeds from my tomatoes. That was an interesting process.  Where I put tomato seeds in water shake it up, open container, let the top mold, scrap mold off, rinse seeds then allow to dry. So I put those dry seeds into an envelope and put them with the rest of the seeds.

Now my mother-in-law gifted us this seed saver container.  Is this something you all use?

I am looking for the system that is best for organization and best for the seeds. I would love to hear from you all!

2 thoughts on “Saving seeds…

  1. I collect seeds from a variety of plants each year and am still using ones I collected three years ago. Last year they were two years old and still grew easily. I also have seed packets that are three years old and older and haven’t had much of an issue with them not growing. I’m sure there are some people who will give you an expiration date, but as for me, I haven’t found one yet.

    Love the seed organizer. Never had one, but will definitely look into it. I usually keep mine in plastic bags after they’ve dried or if a seed packet has seeds leftover. They get thrown in a plastic bin and get stored in another plastic bin under the potters bench in the backyard all winter.

    Hope your planting goes well. I’ve got seeds started in trays in my indoor greenhouse and have two areas set up outside for lettuce, carrots and beets that are covered with different types of greenhouse type things. Like you I truly enjoy the gardening process. As for the weeds…don’t like them either, but use mulch to keep them at bay. ~Tilly


    1. Tilly, thank you so much for the input! I’m happy to see you have used older seeds and have yet to find an expiration date! The only problem I can see with the seed organizer is those are small containers so larger seeds you wouldn’t be able to save many.
      Yes we haven’t use much mulch as of yet because we have to find the right kind – that is covered in chemicals. Thanks so much for how you have seeds, it’s nice to hear how others do it!

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