Signs of Spring! 

You guys, I am so excited.  My flower beds are coming to life!  The boys and I were outside yesterday in the high 50s enjoying the great outdoors.

My oldest was racking up leaves that are still all over from the neighbors tree.  The ones that seem to have dead leaves on them all winter.  My youngest was picking up sticks to take back by the fire pit. (We had our first fire the other night! It was beautiful and big! The boys were up way to late but it’s spring break so that’s ok. )

So I started to weed the flower bed while hubby cleaned his truck. Look what I found!

The tulips bulbs my mom had leftover so we planted in the fall.

Yep those are tulips coming up from the 90 ish bulbs we planted not to long ago!!!!!

My hasta are also working their way up.

Along with my hydrangea.

In the backyard I found my day lilies, which started to come up before it snowed, so they already look a little rough but hopefully will still flower and all.

And my volunteer tulips! (Can I transplant these to the front?!?)


2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring! 

  1. Yes, you can move those tulips…right now, or after they are done flowering if you do it on a rain in the forecast day. Just be sure you dig down one side until you can see how deep the bulbs are. They may be much deeper than you imagine, and you want to take all their roots (or as much as you can at least) that are below with them as they are moved. I’ve done this many times. If by chance it turns sunny right after you move them, a card table or “open” laundry basket set over them to provide shade but allow some light and air movement works great.


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