OK… so last year, we started our seeds in a tiny greenhouse structure that sat on my husbands work bench. Then as the seeds grew he had to build a larger one. Then they all moved to the kitchen table. So anyway this year we have gone with just the larger greenhouse.

Also we had to move the greenhouse from the garage to inside the house. When we had our furnace replaced, so there is no longer a vent in our garage. We were worried about the temperature out there this year.

So … 26 screws, 8 hooks, 1 table, reclaimed pallet wood, plastic traps, 2 grow lights on chains (to adjust height), staples, timer, surge protector and 1 insulation blanket and we are all set.

These are all the same products we used last year, taken apart and saved for this year. Puzzle time, have I ever told you I am not a fan of puzzles?

Thank goodness for a hubby who is will to take a Friday night to set up a greenhouse, to make me happy! I am blessed!

So we put the frame together – you guys I actually used the drill. I’m not really a fan because I’m scared I will hurt myself.

We lined the whole things with plastic – 3 different sheets. sides and bottom (inside), sides and back (middle), back/top/front (outside layer).

We hung the lights. Plugged them into the timer and set it to turn on during day light hours.


Then put the insulation blanket on the back, it is located on an outside wall and our walls can get cooler, so just as a precaution.


Moved the whole thing against the wall and put in our tray of seeds.


I am pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait to see how things go!

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