Beautiful color around my yard …

I LOVE spring. As I await my seeds to start growing I am enjoying all the beautiful flowers that have come up around my yard. You know its funny. I never really cared about flowers before. I actually told my husband I don’t want to have to worry about flowers. I’m glad he didn’t listen… shhhh don’t tell him I said that.

Some of these beauties have been transplants, some show up on their own, and some I planted as bulbs. I love that the colors and timing are all different. So that when I look out my back windows, or I am pulling up to my house I am greeted with color.

The 90+ bulbs I planted earlier this year as a hope and see – most are coming up but looks to bloom later than I would think is normal, but that just means color longer – so it’s a win!

The daffodils, tulips, and crocus flowers that are in my front are beautiful and make me smile. The were left over bulbs from my mom’s new home that were passed on to me!

This white daffodils are from my recently departed grandfather’s yard. Now when I see them I think of him.


This little purple flowers are my volunteers. They came out of nowhere and I love them!

These could be a favorite. You might call them a weed, but my lil man picks me some each day and is so excited it melts my heart!

Theses light pink and this purple are beautiful – my husband must have planted them.

I hope you are enjoying beautiful spring colors and flowers as well!

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