Nothing like last year …

You guys, I started this whole garden thing for a bunch of reasons. I wanted to know where my food came from. To enjoy the amazing flavor of fresh picked tomatoes and such. To get my hands dirty. To learn, grown, and get myself out of the house and into nature.

Last year I started WAY to soon. I planted WAY to many seeds. I learned a lot. That picture at the top was LAST YEAR!

This year … I started WAY to late. I have had to replant seeds a couple of times. Still don’t have the amount I want. SO I am still not happy. I am continuing to learn. Last year might have been beginners luck. But I will not let that stop me!

OH and some really bad news … our city is OUT of compost. Which is not good because Hubby and I have not had time to fill the new garden beds. With the amount we would need to fill them, we are going to have to wait until next year for those beds. So now I have to re-plan what we are going to do this year. Broccoli, cauliflower, pole beans, bush beans, corn, and lettuce are the ones that it looks like will have to wait until next year or the fall.

But I am getting over the sadness I feel for the plans that will not happen. I am getting over that the seeds are not working as well this year. Lesson well learned!!!

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