The Beauty of friends

So this year my poor seeds and I didn’t get along. Which is sad, but I am lucky!

I am lucky because a beautiful soul offered me some extras from her seed starts! They are varieties I am excited I get to try! Most of these I have never heard of but I am so excited to give them a try. Plus all are organic, another bonus!

I have included pictures of the tomatoes that I found on the internet. There are:

Chocolate. This beautiful this beautiful looking tomato is not an heirloom tomato but I will still try to keep the seeds at the end of the year. Might as well try!!

Roma, of course for my tomato sauce making adventures this year.

Rose, this is one of her favorites and it has a pretty pink color.

Amana, this is an orange tomato and I am looking forward to it, I don’t know that I have ever had a large orange tomato. I have only had the small grape tomato size.

Krim, ok so this tomato plant is intriguing to me. It seems different than any tomato plant I have smelled before.

Cherokee, look at that colors!!

Plus large red cherry and delicious, those grew from the seeds I saved and shared with her! Which I know we loved last year. All of those lovely little seedlings are outside currently starting the hardening off process. I will plant either this weekend or next depending on how the weather is looking.

Ohhhh and she gave me lavender! I’m so excited!!!

As a thank you for her kindness in supplying me with all these I gave her two Pie fillings! I love bartering it’s fun!!

How are your seeds doing? have you planted already? Have you tried any of these new adventure tomatoes and would like to share your thoughts?

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