My Gardens!

My Gardens are fully planted! It may not be how we planned or everything we wanted but we got stuff in the ground.

We have the tomato plants from my lovely friend. In two different areas of our gardens. There are a bunch of varieties and these picture are from before we got our tomato cages on. Just a little friendly reminder, look for those suckers, at the V of stems and the stock and pick them off. We have dill planted with the tomatoes as we do every year to help with the bugs.

We have our wonder peppers and our pepperoncini peppers.


We planted our strawberry plants. It is going to be a long year of picking flowers.  But I want them to root really well. 18 plants in all. We put them in a “raised” garden bed, but the soil low. that way we will be able to easily tent the top with netting to keep the birds out AND when we cover them with straw in the fall it will stay well insulated.

We of course have basil planted as well. You know I love my pesto! Then we have cucumbers, this year we did eating instead of pickling cucumbers. We also have squash and zucchini planted.

Then we tried carrots and some lettuce.

Our Asparagus is planted from 3 years ago. We haven’t gotten very many large enough to harvest. I am a little saddened but the amount I have gotten from it. We will see how it does next year. The potatoes we are doing vertical again. This year we will be better about staying on top of adding the next layer. The corn, bush beans, pole beans, onions, broccoli, and cauliflower will have to wait another year.

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